My Thoughts Exactly, Dr. Bear — The Good Doctor’s Open Letter to Pat Robertson

July 15, 2017

I’m happy to post this here, Dr. Bear, for what it’s worth. I left the Christian faith some years ago out of frustration, but hold many of its tenets to this day. What I see in the modern church deeply concerns me as it has moved even further from the teachings of the God/Man that is at the foundation of its very existence. What you speak here in your open letter to Pat Robertson is eloquent and could not have more clearly represented my own thoughts. This letter should be read by every person who calls him or herself a Christian.

 I do hope the Christian church and those that bear the title Christian will turn back to the teachings of Christ as their moral compass. I hope that they lay aside the prejudice and hate wrapped in Sunday school white; the worship of the almighty dollar and the power it brings. May they lay aside the blind obeisance doled out to a Church leadership that has clearly forgotten Christ’s teachings, and an administration that gleefully sponsors bigotry and lines their own pockets by turning theirs back on the weakest in our society and stripping our ailing middle class of what wealth and dignity to which it clings.

The shame of man

 My early years as a Christian involved an old house, for which we paid $80 a month out of our corporate high-school and college incomes. Long hours of restoring said old house led to the joy of seeing every room of it filled with people of all ages who came from miles around for one reason alone — to hear the word of God and to worship. Rarely was a plate passed for donations. Often lives were changed. I think this was what Jesus had intended for his church. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the glitzy facades, the three-piece suits and the propensity to dabble in politics, it seems she has lost her way.

 For the Christian community, that hides behind the moniker the “Christian Right”, to stand behind this man currently holding the office of President of our great country, vociferously defend his obscene behaviors, cheer as he encourages bigotry and hatred, and bemoan how they were mistreated under a black president continues to break my heart.

 Thank you, Dr. Bear, for speaking out. One can only contemplate the thoughts of God.


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